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Transformation Workshops

Best Practice Programme & Project Management Tools & Techniques

Transformation Workshops, Why not hire our Project Managers, Facilitators, Service partners and Associates to help you achieve success. Our staff include a wealth of exprience: the ex Vice President of Oracle, a leading Service Design Director and the ex Director of Project Management services – from a variety of industries (Telco, Transportation, Utilities, FMCG & Health, just to name a few). Current packaged services include:

  • Business Process Workshop
    – Using tried and tested techniques, for example: Yellow Post, Affinity diagram derivation, Red Hat & Liberating Structures. Our consultants can help you develop process flows & supportive organisation frameworks.
  • Cloud Readiness Planning
    – Helping you to navigate your way to the benefits of on-premises, off premises or a hybrid solution – including a view of disaster recovery, security & simplification. Think of this service as having an Enterprise Architect, Project Manager and Service Manager all in the same room to help you truly understand the pros and cons of ‘moving to the cloud’ or even implementing a growth model for a service you may wish to deploy.
  • Service Design
    – Rooted in the disciplines of ITiL, deploying best practice guidance on the design of IT services, processes and effective service management effort.
  • Deep Dive Sales Organisation Analysis
    – Typically, we help sales teams to improve business conversations and open new value-added opportunities. Typical outputs include client categorisation, pipeline population with potential new projects.
  • Big Data Analysis simplified
    – Using Xurmo Canvas – a single intuitive interface for Business Analysts to integrate any data, investigate data and configure analysis to both publish Business Intelligence reports and discover the potential of Artificial Intelligence. Our Canvas tool is used to clearly identify areas of cleansing or duplication from their source rather than once data is consolidated.